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Art: Teaching the Faith

Artfully Teaching the Faith - Discover the doctrines visually embedded in 17 art masterpieces  

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Chapter 1: Creation

The Creation of Adam - Michelangelo

Chapter 2: Incarnation Annunciation - Fra Angelico (version 1)

Annunciation - Fra Angelico (version 2)

Annunciation - Fra Angelico (version 3)

Chapter 3: Prophecy Madonna of the Rocks (version 1)

Madonna of the Rocks (version 2)

Chapter 4: Sacred Scripture Matthew Inspired by an Angel - Guido Reni
Chapter 5: Church Jesus Gives Peter the Keys - Perugino
Chapter 6: Salvation-Last Things Last Judgement - Michelangelo
Chapter 7: Mary

Vierges Aux Anges - Bouguereau

Chapter 8: Holy Spirit

Trinity Icon - Anton Rublev

Chapter 9: Moral Life Transfiguration - Raphael
Chapter 10: Redemptive Suffering Crucifixion of St. Peter - Caravaggio

Chapter 11: Sin

Last Supper - Leonardo

Chapter 12: Liturgy, Grace, Eucharist

Disputation Concerning the Eucharist - Raphael

Chapter 13 Baptism

Baptism of Christ - David

Chapter 14: Matrimony

Wedding Feast at Cana - David

Chapter 15:Eucharist Rest on the Flight into Egypt - David
Chapter 17: Unity Our Lady of Guadalupe - God
Conclusion: Annunciation - Henry Ossawa Tanner*

*Note that the Annunciation described in the conclusion to the book is incorrectly identified as being by Bouguereau in both the Table of Contents and the chapter heading. As the text of the chapter states, this work was actually by the remarkable artist Henry Ossawa Tanner.