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Designed to Fail: Catholic Education in America


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When the "Catholic Ghetto" Disappears, So Does the Catholic School 

Why has Notre Dame lost the Faith?
Why did Georgetown cover over Jesus' name at Barack Obama's request?
How did today's Catholic colleges and universities become swamps of heresy?
How did our bishops become so spineless?
This book explains it all.

Book Reviews

"Provocative... carefully researched, well-written and often-witty... Kellmeyer's Designed to Fail is a must read for every Catholic who knows how to read." -- Paul Likoudis, The Wanderer

"Rarely have seen such indisputable truths packed in so few pages...Steve Kellmeyer has written an intriguing book that will shift American Catholics ways of thinking about parental responsibility for their children's religious education. Kellmeyer insists, and backs it up with both magisterial statements and historical fact that the sorry state of doctrinal knowledge on the part of the Catholic faithful is due not only to to the abdication of parental responsibility but also to the wrongful hierarchal takeover of Catholic teaching to children via Catholic grammar school run largely by religious.

After the Second Vatican Council, these same orders began to lose both personnel and vocations, leaving in their place, teachers who either were not faithful Catholics or ignorant of Catholic teaching . Both the hierarchy and parents seem not to realize that hundreds of years of the handing on of Catholic faith and tradition have been virtually obliterated in the course of decades. The results are all around us. Kellmeyer provides hope that the "new Evangelization" called for by the late Pope John Paul II can be realized by parents reasuming their primordial and inherent responsibility as teachers of the Faith in the family."  --- Rev. C.J. McCloskey III, a Fellow at the Faith and Reason Institute based in Washington DC.

All homeschooling parents know in their hearts why they are doing what they are doing, but Kellmeyer has helped get that knowledge into our heads as well. His research is ground-breaking; his analysis, coherent. In the context of a wider culture that has launched a frontal assault on the moral formation of our children, Designed to Fail spells out both why and how we parents are to succeed in raising the next generation of Catholics nonetheless. --- Helen M. Valois, MI, Lapis Crucifer

Writing with strong conviction, in a clear and direct manner, Kellmeyer captured and held my attention from the very first chapter in which he presents a dramatic, but realistic portrayal of the current crisis in Catholic education. I did not expect to agree with him, but his arguments are indisputable.

Steve Kellmeyer has written a powerfully enlightening and intriguing book which analyzes the historical factors behind the current crisis in the Catholic parochial system. This book will most certainly impact the way that American Catholics view parental responsibility for their children’s religious education and, hopefully, will result in positive changes to bring about a solution to the crisis. Designed to Fail is a must read for all adult Catholic laity and Religious who are interested in the education and catechetical formation of both Catholic youth and adults in America.  --- Jean Heimann, retired school psychologist and educator

In the past, fifty percent of all Catholic Children attended Catholic school. Today only twenty percent attend. In Designed to Fail: Catholic Education in America, Steve Kellmeyer takes us back in history to the time when the first cracks began to appear in Catholic education and shows how misunderstanding, ignorance, a lack of obedience and at times, authorities misleading us, has brought the Catholic schools to near total collapse. He then explains what each of us, religious and laity, need to do to pick up the pieces.

From the very first paragraph, this book held my attention as it presented in an easy to read style, why we find our schools and our families in the situation we are currently in. I didn’t expect to agree with the author, when I first sat down to read this book, but from the first page to the last he presented the crises while adhering to factual truths, that spoke for themselves, in an interesting and understanding way.

I feel that Steve Kellmeyer's book Designed to Fail: Catholic Education in America, should be a must read for every Catholic, from priest and bishops to the laity. I strongly recommend that you read this book for yourself and find out why the author holds this position and what steps need to be taken to correct this crisis.  --- Debra Vandelicht

I just opened my copy of Designed To Fail and read the dedication. I felt immediately vindicated for feeling a little put out on this past Catechetical Sunday when my husband and I (and the rest of the parents sitting in the congregation) were not invited to stand (like the formal catechists) in acknowledgement for our respective catechetical roles. Thank you! God's Blessings,  --- Kacey 

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